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Using the pouncing method to transfer desgins onto fabric

The pouncing powder (or inking powder) can be found at art supply stores. For dark fabrics powdered white chalk will work. One stitcher suggests using cinnamon instead, as it works on light or dark fabrics.

After tracing an image, pin the paper to a piece of felt or a couple of layers of fabric. Use a tapestry or yarn needle (or similar sharp, pointy object) to poke holes along the lines. You want a hole large enough to let the powder through, but not so large that you'll end up with smudges instead of dots on your fabric. Also, make sure the holes aren't too close together or the paper might tear.

Note: You can poke holes in the tissue while it's attached to the final fabric (with a fabric pad or piece of felt underneath). You'll save a step by not having to take the tissue from the felt and then attaching it to your fabric, but you also may end up putting unnecessary holes in your fabric.
  1. Take the tracing paper with the poked holes and pin or baste it to your fabric.
  2. Using a small make-up brush, cotton ball, or bit of felt, gently dab or rub the pouncing powder over the design.
  3. Remove the paper and gently remove any excess powder. At this point you can try to embroider over the powdered lines, however, connecting the dots with a fabric marker or pencil will ensure a design that lasts as long as you need it to.